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banish the past


What if you could make your regrets vanish with the wave of a wand? Meet the PicoWay... your new Fairy Godmother!




Vanish is a laser clinic in Toronto specializing in tattoo removal, tattoo fading for re-inking and state-of-the-art skin rejuvenation treatments, and is THE ONLY clinic in the GTA offering flat fee pricing on tattoo removal.


We consult with you to formulate an action plan to remove an unwanted tattoo, take steps to fade artwork to make way for new ink or even fade naturally occurring spots and discolouration on the skin.

All with the  power of the PicoWay laser... aka your new skin BFF and Fairy Godmother!


To vanish, fade, smooth, restore.

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As a chef, my skin is constantly exposed to plenty of smoke from the grill, grease from the fryer, sweat from the heat, and plenty of other things that my skin is exposed to on a daily basis. I went to Vanish Clinic to get a carbon facial for the first time in my life. I can truly say my skin has never felt softer, clearer, or looked as vibrant as it does since I’ve received the treatment. Now I must say, I was a little nervous at first with never having a treatment don’t before - but the whole experience was so pleasant. The actual treatment was completely painless- it felt like a little tickle on my face, and Nicola made me feel so comfortable. She explained the whole process and made the whole experience so wonderful. I would for sure recommend Vanish Clinic to anyone considering it and can say from my personal experience that I will for sure will be back!


We are so lucky to have Vanish Clinic in Toronto. Their pricing is unmatched and the staff is not only professional, but also makes you feel comfortable. I've received laser treatments for tattoo removal in the past and surprisingly the laser used at Vanish Clinic was considerably less painful and didn't leave a blister. 10/10 would recommend to anyone looking to get a tattoo removed.



I can not speak highly enough about Vanish Clinic and the laser carbon facial. Nicola is absolutely amazing and so professional. This was my first laser carbon facial and the results I saw after one treatment were mind blowing. I have some discolouration on my cheeks and scarring from teenage acne. After one treatment I noticed a significant decrease in the discolouration and the scars were much less noticeable. My skin felt so soft immediately and I went straight to work after the procedure. I really appreciated that Nicola talked me through the whole process as we were doing it and followed up with me after the treatment. I will 100% continue to include the laser carbon facial in my skin regimen.