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Get your tattoo removed by our laser tattoo removal experts in Toronto before getting a coverup

Updated: Mar 13

Not everyone removes a tattoo because they aren't into tattoo art anyone. At Vanish Clinic, we often get customers that want to remove an old tattoo so they can get a new one in its place.

Our laser tattoo removal services in Toronto can help free up real estate on your skin for new tattoos. A coverup tattoo will look better if it's done on ink-free skin.

Often people try to get another tattoo on top of an existing one to hide an unwanted tattoo. However, the results people get from tattooing on top of an existing tattoo are never perfect. Any leftover ink from a previous tattoo will still be visible through the coverup tattoo. So getting an old tattoo removed before getting a coverup is the best course of action.

With that said, many people aren't sure how getting a tattoo removed helps with a coverup. If you are also wondering the same thing, we suggest you keep reading because this article will explain the benefits of tattoo removal before a coverup.

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Is it safe to get tattooed again at the site of tattoo removal?

Laser tattoo removal in Toronto has become remarkably safe thanks to introducing of new laser technologies. Vanish Clinic uses PicoWay laser tattoo removal, almost eliminating skin damage risk. Your skin still needs time to heal correctly after our laser tattoo removal experts complete the laser treatment.

Now most people wonder whether it is safe to get a tattoo at the same place where they got a tattoo removed. The short answer is yes, and getting another tattoo art over the tattoo removal site is entirely safe. However, you have to consider the healing period of laser tattoo removal treatment before going for a new tattoo.

Most patients can get a new tattoo after 6 to 8 weeks before the completion of their laser tattoo removal process. A 6 to 8-week time period is considered ample for your skin to heal correctly and generate new cells to replace damaged or weakened ones during the laser treatment. Our laser tattoo removal expert at our Toronto-based Clinic can evaluate your tattoo removal site to confirm whether it has adequately healed.

We suggest you visit our Clinic after the six weeks have passed after the completion of your treatment. Once our experts evaluate the condition of your skin and confirm that the skin is ready for a new tattoo, you can start planning your coverup tattoo. It is essential to get your coverup tattoo from an expert tattoo artist. They will give you excellent tattoo art and use clean, sterile equipment that reduces the risk of infections.

To sum it all up, getting a tattoo again at the tattoo removal site is safe as long as the skin is properly healed

Why should you get a tattoo removed instead of tattooing on top of the old one?

As mentioned earlier, removing a tattoo is always the best option for a coverup. Like an artist would always prefer a blank canvas to create art, a tattoo will look its best when done on ink-free skin. Without further ado, here are some benefits of getting a tattoo removed before you get another one on top of it:

More size options: A significant benefit of removing a tattoo before getting a new one is that you can get a new tattoo in any size you want. If you ask a tattoo artist to add a tattoo on top of an existing one, they will have no choice but to make the tattoo larger than the old one. So if you had a large face tattooed on your body, the new tattoo would be even larger than the old one.

Therefore if you want flexibility with your new tattoo and don't want to get another unwanted tattoo, then removing the first one is the way to go.

You get more color options: Colors are a significant issue when adding a tattoo on top of the old one. That is because if the existing tattoo contains dark ink, you will have no choice but to get the coverup done in even darker colors. The tattoo artist must use more ink to cover up an existing tattoo.

This leaves you with no choice but to accept another dark-colored tattoo as a coverup. On the other hand, removing and adding a new tattoo on your ink-free skin opens up a wide range of color options for your new tattoo. You can choose any color tattoo once you have removed the old tattoo and allowed the skin to heal for the required time.

More design options: Another reason why it is recommended to remove a tattoo before a coverup is the design options for the new tattoo. Similar to the size and color, your design options are limited when the artist works with an existing design. A sizeable rounded tattoo can only be made rounder to cover it up.

If you wanted another design on top of your rounded tattoo, it would be near impossible to get your desired tattoo design. A tattoo removal can make more design options available to you and your artist. Not to mention your tattoo artist will thank you for not making them modify an existing design and turning it into something impossible.


Laser tattoo removal is not just a way for people to get rid of their past. It also makes fresh starts possible for anyone living with a regretful tattoo. The ability to get rid of an old tattoo entirely and then get a new one was a dream of most people in the past.

However, laser tattoo removal experts in Toronto and worldwide have made it Vanish from the past and go on a new beginning. If you plan to cover up your old tattoo, then schedule a consultation with Vanish Clinic today to learn more about laser tattoo removal.

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