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How do tattoo removal before and after results look? Should you expect skin marks or scarring?

Updated: Mar 13

Tattoos are a popular trend nowadays, especially among young people. The tattooing fad is only expected to become more popular. With more people deciding to get tattoos, there is also a rise in people trying to get them removed.

Anyone planning on removing their tattoos would be concerned about the outcomes. A good tattoo removal clinic can ensure no difference in your skin before and after the removal procedure. The trained staff and state-of-the-art equipment at Vanish Clinic help ensure that tattoo removal doesn't harm your skin.

If you are worried you might get skin scarring, marks, or blisters from your tattoo removal, then keep reading. We are going to help you establish realistic expectations for post-tattoo removal skin.

 tattoo removal before and after

What causes scarring after a tattoo removal procedure?

Factors such as the individual's health, the staff's expertise, the equipment used, and post-treatment care may result in scarring. Here are some factors that may affect tattoo removal before and after results:

The health of an individual:

If your body produces too many Keloids, it is easier for your skin to develop scars. Therefore, we at Vanish Clinic encourage our customers to share their medical history before the procedure. Knowing a person's medical history helps us reduce the risk of complications such as skin damage.

Untrained staff:

Skin scars resulting from tattoo removal are often caused by excess heat. An inexperienced technician can end up applying too much heat to a tattoo, damaging the skin. So by choosing to get your tattoo removed by our expert staff, you can minimize your risk of scarring.

Scarring resulting from the tattoo itself:

Tattoos do a great job at hiding any scars that may have resulted when a person got the tattoos. However, these scars may become more visible once the tattoo is removed. So if you had scarring during the tattooing, you should expect it to stay there once it is gone.

Non-laser tattoo removal:

If you try to remove your tattoo using a non-laser procedure, you are much more likely to get scars. There are topical substances that claim to remove tattoos. However, these substances don't target just the tattoo ink. They can penetrate deeper and damage the skin, resulting in scars.

What to expect after your tattoo removal from Vanish Clinic?

As long as you are following all the post-tattoo removal care guidelines, including:

  • Staying out of direct sunlight for two weeks

  • Applying high-quality sunscreen every 2 hours for the first 24 hours before the procedure

  • Keeping your body hydrated

  • Avoiding smoking and alcohol

You can expect the tattoo to fade significantly. There are plenty of before and after tattoo removal videos available on our website that show tattoos disappearing without a trace. If you want seamless tattoo removal done, then book your free consultation today.

Tattoo removal using PicoWay laser can be done without harming your skin. Our experts at Vanish Clinic only use this laser system to ensure desired results.

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