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Laser tattoo removal before and after care instructions

Updated: Mar 13

Laser tattoo removal before and after results depend greatly on the quality of equipment used and the technician's experience. However, even the best tattoo removal professionals can't guarantee good results unless you take proper care of yourself before and after the removal. So, successful tattoo removal requires efforts by the Clinic and the patients.

Vanish Clinic encourages our customers to follow simple care tips before and after their laser tattoo removal sessions to eliminate the risk of complications.

And this article will list all those tips to help anyone planning on getting their tattoos removed, so read on.

tattoo removal before and after

Self-care tips to follow before and after your tattoo removal

Tattoo removal is a non-invasive procedure that we regularly perform at Vanish Clinic. However, despite its non-invasive nature, we still take all the necessary precautions to ensure the safety of our patients. Without further ado, here are some important tattoo removal care tips to follow before and after the procedure:

Pre-tattoo removal care:

Vanish Clinic encourages customers to schedule pre-treatment consultations. The consultation lets us know more about your overall health. It also allows us to inform our patients about products, procedures, and activities they must avoid. Here are some pre-tattoo removal care instructions:

  • Stop getting electrolysis, laser hair removal, Botox, and waxing procedures 4 to 7 days before your tattoo removal.

  • Don't use products that may dry or irritate the skin for 3 to 5 days leading up to the procedure.

  • Avoid products that contain retinol, alpha hydroxy acid, beta-hydroxy acid, and benzoyl peroxide 3 to 5 days before your procedure.

  • Stop using Retin-A, Differin, Tazorac, Renova, and Tretinoin-based products 3 to 5 days before the procedure.

  • Don't expose your skin to excessive sunlight for two weeks before the tattoo removal appointment.

  • Avoid tanning booths and self-tanning products for two weeks before your tattoo removal.

Post-tattoo removal care:

Once your procedure has been completed, you will receive post-tattoo removal care instructions from our experts. Here are some post-tattoo removal care instructions we give at Vanish Clinic:

  • Avoid direct sunlight for 14 days following your tattoo removal.

  • Apply SPF30+ sunscreen every 2 hours for the first 24 hours after your procedure.

  • Keep the site of the tattoo removal moisturized to prevent it from drying.

  • Avoid smoking and alcohol until your skin has recovered completely.

  • Eat a healthy diet to speed up the recovery process.

  • Avoid showering with high pressure and going into bathtubs or swimming pools.

  • Use mild soap after the procedure and dry the skin gently after the showers.

Following these simple pre- and post-tattoo removal care instructions can reduce the risk of complications. While we take all the precautions during the treatment, we can't achieve the expected results without the patient's involvement. So a little care before and after your tattoo removal will go a long way regarding successful tattoo removal.


Vanish Clinic has a high success rate in tattoo removal procedures because we never skip any precautions and use the finest equipment for every procedure we perform. And with a little effort by our customers, we can continue to meet and exceed expectations.

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