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Why does Toronto tattoo removal cost varies so much?

Updated: Mar 13

Laser tattoo removal is not cheap, and it can be challenging to predict the cost of the treatment. While some people may get their tattoos removed by spending just a few hundred dollars, others may have to spend up to $4000 for the complete removal. So, tattoo removal costs vary significantly in Toronto for different customers, even within the same clinic.

tattoo removal cost

At Vanish Clinic, the fixed cost for treating a tattoo area of 6" x6" is $200 per session. However, the final cost of tattoo removal is not the same for every customer. One question customers have about laser tattoo removal is why its cost varies so much.

At Vanish Clinic, we always provide customers with all the information they need about tattoo removal during the pre-treatment consultation. However, it is not always possible to accurately estimate the total final cost of the procedure before it starts.

After factoring in various factors, our experts can give you a decent idea of how much the complete tattoo removal may cost. We will list why the costs vary so much to make assessing your laser tattoo removal cost easier. By the end of the article, you should have all the answers regarding the wide price range for tattoo removal.

Why is tattoo removal so expensive in Toronto?

Here in Toronto, tattoo removal costs are considered high by most people. For most people, the tattoo removal process will cost them a lot more than getting the tattoo in the first place. Most clinics charge upwards of $400 per session for laser tattoo removal. If you need just five sessions to remove the tattoo, you can expect to pay around $2000 for the complete procedure.

On the other hand, Vanish Clinic only charges $200 per session. So removing your tattoo from Vanish Clinic is already the cheapest option in Toronto.

That said, tattoo removal is still expensive, and the high cost is primarily due to the technology being used and the complexity of the procedure. Removing a tattoo requires a precise laser machine to produce the desired wavelength to break down the ink within your skin.

Also, multiple technicians are involved in laser tattoo removal, which can ultimately increase its cost.

Reasons for highly variable cost of tattoo removal in Toronto

Now that you know why laser tattoo removal in Toronto is so expensive, you can better understand why its cost varies so much from person to person. So, without further ado, here are some reasons why tattoo removal costs in Toronto vary so much:

The expertise of the laser technician: A laser technician has to be equipped with the proper training and technology to perform laser tattoo removal. So naturally, more skilled technicians with better laser systems charge more than older and less safe systems.

Vanish Clinic only uses the best laser system, PicoWay, to perform laser tattoo removals. Our technician has trained from International Laser Academy and offers the safest tattoo removal in Toronto.

Despite our state-of-the-art equipment and trained experts, our prices for laser tattoo removal procedures remain low. If you were wondering why two tattoo removal clinics that offer similar services have varying prices, it has a relationship with their expertise and tech.

The nature of the tattoo: Another reason tattoo removal rates vary so greatly among individuals is the nature of their tattoos. If the tattoo is old and faded, it will require fewer sessions to remove and cost significantly less. However, if another individual had the same tattoo, but it was new, then the number of sessions and the price would increase.

Similarly, the tattoo's location determines the difficulty of tattoo removal and its cost. If a tattoo is closer to the heart, it will get more blood flow, and the ink will fade more quickly. On the other hand, tattoos on the extremities get less blood flow and therefore take more time and money to remove.

If two people had the same tattoo, but one had it on foot and the other on the neck, the neck tattoo would fade quicker than the foot tattoo. Our experts at Vanish Clinic perform a detailed inspection of the tattoo and provide a rough estimate of how long the removal process will take and how much it will cost.

It is rare to come across two tattoos with precisely the exact nature, and therefore the cost of treatment for most customers varies.

Reputation and ambiance of the clinic: The laser equipment and the expertise of the laser technician aren't the only factors for variable laser tattoo removal costs. The clinic's reputation and overall ambiance may increase the removal cost. For example, a clinic with quality equipment, clean floors, and a well-maintained building may charge a premium for tattoo removal services.

At Vanish Clinic, you get all these add-ons without the high cost. So it is best to avoid such Clinics if a clinic is charging you hundreds of dollars extra just for the extra facilities.

You can click here to book an appointment with us. We will be happy to assist you.

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