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Benefits of lip enhancement explained by our experts

Updated: Feb 21, 2023

Lip enhancement has become much more accessible because they are readily available at aesthetic clinics. You can drastically change and enhance the appearance of your lips by getting lip enhancements. The number one reason people go for lip enhancement procedures in Canada is that they are safe and easy to get.

The most obvious benefit of getting lip fillers to enhance facial features is that they offer a simpler alternative to surgical procedures. However, lip augmentation procedures have lesser-known benefits besides the minimally invasive nature. So if you are wondering why you should go for lip enhancement, then keep reading.

Vanish Clinic has administered lip fillers to many satisfied customers with excellent results.

What is involved in lip enhancement procedures?

lip enhancements toronto
Lip Enhancements Vanish Clinic

Lip augmentation is adding volume to the lips or improving their shape. There has never been a more straightforward way to enhance your lips than injecting filler material into them. Simply put, lip enhancement involves a specially designed liquid that is injected using special syringes into the soft tissue below the skin of the lips.

Filler liquid is meant to retain its place below the lips, and as a result, it makes the lips look fuller. Many different lip filler liquids are available; however, at Vanish Clinic, we only use Revanesse, Radiesse, and Restylane. The previously mentioned lip filler materials are the best quality fillers available in the market. Our expert aesthetic nurse injects the fillers in the right place in carefully calculated quantities to achieve desired results.

It is essential to mention that lip fillers are not permanent and need to be reinjected every 12 to 18 months to maintain the shape of lips. However, thanks to their affordable nature, lip fillers are easy for our customers to reinject without spending too much money.

What benefits do lip fillers have to offer?

Lip fillers offer a heap of benefits compared to surgical alternatives. If you are still determining if lip fillers are the right choice, you will go for this procedure once you know its full benefits. Without further ado, here are some less commonly known benefits of lip enhancement:

Lip enhancement procedures are highly safe

The most significant benefit of a lip augmentation treatment is that it offers patients the safest way to get fuller and plumper lips. Complications and side effects are infrequent after lip filler injections, and when you get lip augmentation done by an experienced technician, minimal discomfort is involved. The filler material we inject into the soft tissue of lips is made out of a substance that is also produced naturally by the human body.

Being a natural substance, the risk of your body rejecting the filler material is low. Not to mention there are no incisions or wounds involved in lip enhancement. As a result, you can stop worrying and rest assured that you aren't putting your body at unnecessary risk when you get lip augmentation.

Lip filler procedures can be completed quickly

A significant reason for the popularity of lip filler treatments is that they can be completed quickly. The procedure can be concluded in less than an hour, and the downtime for lip enhancement is around 24 hours. Patients can resume their regular daily routine within a day after getting lip injections. Compare the speed of the procedure and recovery for lip injections with surgical procedures; it is easy to understand why lip fillers come out on top.

You can see instant results after getting lip fillers because you don't have to be put under a general anesthetic during the procedure. Aesthetic nurses apply a local anesthetic to the lips to stop any sensation before administering the injection. Minimal discomfort is felt, which varies with each individual when the filler is used, and fast recovery afterward makes lip enhancement the quickest way to improve your lips.

You can gradually improve your appearance

If it is your first time getting lip enhancement, you might need to figure out how you want your lips to look after it. Lip injections allow you to control the size and shape of your lips by gradually injecting smaller amounts of filler over time. One of the essential benefits of lip enhancement procedures is the ability to progressively enlarge your lips until you get to the desired size and shape.

At Vanish Clinic, we always have a detailed discussion with the customers before the treatment to understand the exact shape of lips they want to achieve. Our aesthetic nurse injects a lower amount of lip filler material into the lips during the first session if the customer needs clarification on the appearance outcomes they are looking for. Once the customer's lips heal after the first injection and the filling settles down, we can add more filler during the second session if the customer is looking for bigger lips.

Since reducing the size of lips is more accessible and less painful than gradually adding filler, you can get the desired results without unnecessary discomfort.

Lip enhancement is reversible

Another lesser-known benefit of lip enhancement using fillers is that they are entirely reversible; if you decide after getting lip injections that you no longer want to return to your natural lips, you can safely do that.

Reversing a lip enhancement also involves an injection that shows instant results. The cost of changing this procedure is negligible, making it accessible to everyone.


Lip enhancement through lip fillers has made luscious and beautiful lips possible for everyone. You don't have to spend large sums to get the lips you want. Vanish Clinic offers lip injections as low as $550 per lips full syringe, $375 half, and $650 for other parts of the face, which converts us into one of Canada's most affordable rates.

Now that you know the benefits of lip enhancement, you may want to know how to schedule an appointment to get your lips done. We strongly recommend scheduling a consultation before the actual procedure. So, make sure you book your free consultation today and discuss the treatment with our experts at Vanish Clinic.

Our friendly staff is available to answer any questions about lip augmentation.

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