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Common myths related to tattoo removal debunked by Vanish tattoo removal clinic

Updated: Mar 13

At Vanish tattoo removal clinic, we are no strangers to hearing myths about laser tattoo removal.

Since removing a tattoo via laser is still a relatively new phenomenon, many myths exist about this cosmetic procedure. That said, most of the myths around laser tattoo removal are simply absurd and untrue. The myths originate primarily because of a lack of information about the procedure.

If you have heard any concerning information about the laser tattoo removal procedure and weren't sure if it is true, then chances are it is indeed a myth. Our team has compiled a list of common myths around laser tattoo removal that we would like to debunk.

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Keep reading until the end to clear up any misconceptions that may hold you back from getting your tattoo removed via laser treatment.

Myths related to laser tattoo removal treatment

Plenty of false information about laser tattoo removal exists on the internet and among the general public. It makes sense that incorrect information leads to misconceptions that eventually become myths.

Since laser tattoo removal involves using a powerful laser beam, most people assume it's a dangerous procedure. However, the truth can't be further from these assumptions, and complications from laser tattoo removal are rare at Vanish Clinic. With that said, here are some myths you might have heard about laser tattoo removal and the truth behind them:

Myth 1. Laser tattoo removal is more painful than getting a tattoo:

One of the most common myths about laser tattoo removal that we commonly hear at Vanish Clinic is that this procedure is more painful than getting a tattoo. While we don't claim that the tattoo removal procedure is painless, it is significantly less painful than getting tattooed.

We can always adjust the intensity of the laser beam, so it is not too harsh or painful. In addition, plenty of numbing creams can be applied to the skin to reduce the discomfort as much as possible.

This myth prevents many people from getting their unwanted tattoos removed because they expect a painful experience. However, the tattoo removal procedure is less painful than the tattooing process.

Myth 2. Laser tattoo removal leaves scars on the skin

Another myth we often must address is the risk of scaring following the tattoo removal procedure. Most people assume that laser will burn their skin and leave scars that won't go away. However, scarring is rare after laser tattoo removal treatment, and if you work with the right clinic, your risk of scarring becomes even lower.

Scaring is a product of overexposure to the laser beam during tattoo removal. This is why our technician carefully adjusts the intensity of the laser and only exposes your skin to the laser for the required period. In addition, the laser technology we use is designed to be used for cosmetic treatments. All these factors combine to ensure that you don't develop scarring as a result of the procedure. It is safe to say that the myth that laser tattoo removal will always leave scars behind is not valid. Something as simple as choosing the right tattoo removal clinic with state-of-the-art equipment and a trained technician can minimize the risk of scarring.

At Vanish Clinic, you can get the best possible treatment from our experienced staff to ensure a positive experience.

Myth.3 Tattoo removal creams are as good as laser tattoo removal

We often hear an absurd myth regarding tattoo removal creams being just as good as laser tattoo removal. While laser tattoo removal is a proven and tested method for removing tattoos, the creams, on the other hand, don't work.

There are no proven accounts of a tattoo removal cream effectively removing or fading a tattoo. So any product or facility that claims that they can remove a tattoo just with the application of creams their claims should be taken with a grain of salt.

Topical creams and lotions cannot simply penetrate the skin to reach the tattoo ink embedded in deeper layers of the skin. So these creams have little to no effect on breaking up the ink underneath your skin. As a result, you get no real benefits from applying these creams to your tattoo.

The bottom line is that creams can't beat the benefits of having an actual laser beam that can penetrate the skin and break down the ink in deeper skin layers. To sum it all up, the myth that tattoo removal creams work, as well as laser treatment, is nothing but a false claim.

Myth.4 Laser tattoo removal can be completed in a single session:

There is a widespread misconception among the general population that tattoo removal only takes a single session to complete. However, tattoo removal is a gradual process that requires multiple sessions spanned several weeks apart.

Every laser tattoo removal session irritates your skin, and the tattoo site must heal adequately before it is ready for the second session. Removing a tattoo in a single go is impossible, and you will need around 8 to 10 sessions to get rid of the tattoo completely.

Therefore, if a facility claims to remove a tattoo using laser treatment in a single go, please steer clear of them for your safety. At Vanish tattoo removal clinic, we carefully assess the patient's tattoo and estimate the number of sessions they may require during the pre-treatment consultation. You will get better results when you have realistic expectations about the procedure.


You would have probably guessed that laser tattoo removal has many myths surrounding it. We have tried to debunk these myths to the best of our abilities. However, if you have any other questions about laser tattoo removal, please schedule a consultation with us today.

At Vanish Clinic, we offer a free consultation to anyone seeking laser tattoo removal. For anyone in Toronto or surrounding regions looking for a reliable tattoo removal clinic, the free consultation allows you to familiarize yourself with the procedure.

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