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Everything you should know about Carbon Facial

Carbon facial, also known as carbon laser peel, is a relatively new facial treatment designed to cleanse and enhance skin. This treatment has only been around for a couple of decades. However, carbon facial has quickly risen in popularity; it removes dirt and debris that is hard to remove otherwise.

At Vanish Clinic, we have seen a rise in the demand for carbon facials as more and more people find out about its cleansing benefits. However, many people still aren't sure about carbon facial treatment. The most important thing you should know about carbon facials is that it is more than just a way to cleanse your skin. This treatment can also work as a skin rejuvenation, anti-acne, and skin brightening method.

If you want to learn more about carbon facial, then keep reading. Our experts at Vanish Clinic explain everything you should know about carbon facials and why you should get this treatment.

carbon facial

What happens during a carbon facial?

As mentioned earlier, carbon facials are also called carbon laser peels because they involve a medical-grade laser. While a regular facial only involves applying a skin rejuvenation layer on the face and leaving it on for a set period, a carbon laser facial has an added heating effect.

Many customers are curious about how carbon facials work after they first learn that it involves using a laser. In short, a carbon facial is divided into two stages. The first involves applying a carbon liquid to your face, and the second one involves heating the carbon layer with the help of a laser.

Without further ado, here is what you can expect during a carbon facial treatment:

Stage 1: Carbon lotion application

During the first stage of the carbon facial treatment, our experts will perform a general cleansing of the face to remove loose dirt and other particles. At the same time, a carbon paste is being prepared to go on your face.

We carefully apply the carbon paste evenly so it is the right thickness for the laser. After applying the paste, the carbon will be left to soak up the dirt and debris from your skin pores.

Stage 2: The laser treatment

Our technician applies controlled laser beams to the carbon paste with the carbon lotion still on your face. The thermal effect of the laser heats the carbon just enough to enhance the healing properties of carbon.

Laser beams proceed to break down carbon and all the impurities it has soaked up from your face. As a result, you get clearer skin free from impurities.

How soon can you see results from carbon facial?

Carbon facial is not a stand-alone procedure, and each time you get a carbon facial, it builds upon the progress of the previous session. So even though the results are visible from the very first carbon facial, the full results can be experienced by continuing a complete course of treatments.

We recommend getting 3 to 6 carbon facial treatments, depending upon your skin's condition. Each session is scheduled at a regular interval to maximize the benefits of the treatment.

Once your course of carbon facial treatments is complete, you will see visible results in reduced acne, faded dark spots, reduced blemishes, and pore size.

Who should get a carbon facial?

At Vanish Clinic, we commonly get this question from our customers. People who hear the benefits of carbon facials wonder if it is the right procedure for them. Some issues that can be fixed using carbon facial include:

· Acne

· Blemishes

· Uneven skin tone

· Enlarged pores

· Sun damage

· Scars

If you have any of the following facial issues, carbon facial is the right treatment for you. The combination of carbon and the heating effect of laser offer the perfect therapeutic blend to improve your skin.

Are there any special preparations required for a carbon facial?

Since carbon facials are more advanced than regular facials, some simple preparations are required before the procedure. In most cases, we recommend our customers avoid tanning their skin and avoid excessive sun exposure before their carbon facial.

In addition, we also ask our customers about the complete list of medications they are taking. Certain medications may alter the way your skin reacts to laser exposure. So we might instruct you to stop taking those medications to reduce the risk of side effects.

Are there any aftercare requirements following the carbon facial?

You must take special care of your skin after your carbon facial. Since carbon facials remove a thin layer of dead skin cells and debris, it takes time for the skin underneath to adjust to the environment. Therefore it is best to avoid direct sun exposure following your carbon facial.

In addition, you should make sure you are using a gentle facial cleanser and avoid scrubs and exfoliants that may irritate your skin. We may also instruct you to stop taking certain medications for some time following your carbon facial.

There are no prolonged healing periods or downtime associated with carbon facials. You can expect any redness to go away within a few hours after your treatment. Once the redness has gone away, you can apply sunscreen when going out in the sun and resume your regular activities.

We generally schedule multiple carbon facials a few weeks apart to give your skin plenty of time to repair itself. We determine the number of carbon facial treatments based on the customer's skin condition and overall goals.


This article covers the most important aspects of carbon facials to give you a better idea of what this procedure is all about. Carbon facials are completely safe, and as long as you get them done from Vanish Clinic, you can expect flawless results.

Everyone has different expectations from treatment, and it is important to keep those expectations realistic. That is why we recommend our customers schedule a pre-treatment consultation to discuss their goals and expectations before their carbon facial. Schedule your free consultation at Vanish Clinic today.

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