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How does a carbon facial help with skin rejuvenation?

Updated: Mar 13

Your skin goes through a lot daily to protect your body from the environment around you. While human skin is designed to regenerate itself, sometimes the process may slow down as we age.

Carbon Facial treatment is a minimally invasive way to kickstart skin regeneration by removing the layer of dead skin cells. Also referred to as carbon laser peel, this procedure can be performed without irritating the skin. So if you are looking for a safe skin rejuvenation method in Toronto, then Vanish Clinic's carbon facial is a great option.

With that being said, many people interested in getting carbon facials aren't sure how this treatment works. Wondering how getting a carbon facial can rejuvenate your skin? In that case, we will explain how carbon laser peel works.

skin rejuvenation

What is a carbon facial?

As the name suggests, carbon facial involves applying a facial peel to your skin just like a regular facial treatment. However, that is where the similarities between carbon facial and a traditional face peel end.

Carbon facial then involves applying a carefully calibrated laser to the area where carbon peel was applied. The combined action of a high-quality carbon peel and the laser light produces amazing results in younger and spotless-looking skin.

Despite using a laser, the procedure is harmless, and you don't feel a thing throughout the process. Our expert technicians are experienced in handling laser equipment and only use the laser intensity necessary to perform the procedure correctly.

Our patients describe the sensation of the carbon facial as a mild tingling sensation that is not harmful to sensitive skin.

Most importantly, you can get a carbon facial as a walk-in procedure. It takes around 30 minutes to complete, and you get instant skin rejuvenation.

Apart from rejuvenating your skin, this procedure also effectively reduces hyperpigmentation on your skin. So, the benefits of carbon facials are more than just skin rejuvenation and can improve your overall skin health.

How exactly does carbon skin peel rejuvenate your skin?

Carbon skin peels are unique because they rejuvenate the skin using a double action of the carbon facial peel and the laser treatment. Here are the steps involved in a carbon facial treatment that ultimately result in fresh and younger-looking skin:

Applying the carbon face mask

Once we remove any loose dirt and dead skin cells from your skin, we use a carbon paste on the area that needs to be treated. The carbon face mask contains a high amount of carbon so that it can capture dead skin cells and other debris from the outer layer of the skin.

The facemask remains on your face until it dries up. Once dried, the carbon mixture would already have soaked up the majority of dirt and debris from the skin.

Once the carbon lotion has remained on your face for the required period, we can move to the next process step.

Applying laser light to the carbon face mask

The now-dried carbon face mask is treated with a laser to break the carbon down. Since dead skin cells, dirt, and oil from the skin have also bonded with the carbon facemask, the laser will break these unwanted particles down in the process.

The laser also has a heating effect on your skin, and this heat also helps promote skin healing. As the skin heals following the treatment, new collagen forms firmer spotless skin.

At Vanish Clinic, we don't use any numbing cream or injections before carbon facial treatment. The process is completely natural and doesn't involve harmful chemicals. While you start seeing visible results in skin rejuvenation after one treatment, we may perform multiple carbon facials to achieve desired results.

Our experts carefully evaluate the skin care needs of each patient to determine the correct number of treatments in each case.

As you get more skin rejuvenation treatments from Vanish Clinic, your skin will gradually improve each session until it reaches the target level.

What are the benefits of carbon facial skin rejuvenation?

Carbon skin peels are unique because they rejuvenate the skin using a double action of the carbon facial peel and the laser treatment. Here are the steps involved in a carbon facial treatment that ultimately result in fresh and younger-looking skin:

No downtime

The biggest benefit of carbon facials is that you can resume your normal routine life right after getting it done. Our experts will provide some aftercare tips once the procedure is completed. However, there is no downtime to this skin rejuvenation procedure.

Can fix uneven skin tone

Another benefit of carbon facials is that they can also improve uneven skin tone. Since this procedure removes the dead layer of your skin, any uneven skin tone gets evened out.

Removes dirt and debris from your skin

Carbon facials are especially effective in removing debris from your skin. While regular skin peels only remove loose debris, this treatment performs an in-depth skin cleansing. As a result, you get clear and spot-free skin in under 30 minutes.

Gets rid of acne scars

Acne is notorious for leaving deep, long-lasting scars on your skin that are difficult to remove. However, carbon facials are highly effective in eliminating these scars without being invasive.

While light scars go away after a single treatment, deeper scars may fade after multiple treatments.

Works wonders for oily skin

If your skin produces excessive oil, you should consider getting this treatment. The carbon-based liquid we put on your skin pulls excess oil and other unwanted debris from your skin.

As a result, you get oil-free skin while enjoying smoother, glowing skin. This treatment can only keep the oil from returning for a short period.


Vanish Clinic has performed carbon facials with great success on many customers. Skincare experts have widely recognized the safety and effectiveness of this procedure for skin rejuvenation.

If you want a carbon facial in Toronto, booking an appointment to help us assess your case is best. You can book an appointment with Vanish Clinic by clicking here to ensure this is the right treatment.

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