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How long can a session take at a Tattoo removal Clinic in Toronto?

Updated: Mar 13

Tattoo removal in Toronto has gained popularity thanks to its convenience and safety. In the past, the only way to hide an unwanted tattoo was to add a second tattoo on top of the first one. However, tattoo removal clinics such as us at Vanish Clinic in Toronto have made it possible to get a tattoo removed completely.

One question we often get from customers that inquire about this procedure is regarding the expected length of each session. Full tattoo removal is usually a minimum of a two-year journey, and each session is scheduled around six to eight weeks apart. However, the actual session is surprisingly quick and can take as little as 10 minutes to complete depending on the dimensions of the tattoo.

That said, most individuals wanting to remove their tattoos wish to know exactly how long their session might take. To help answer this question, we will explain the different scenarios that can reduce or prolong the length of a session. By the end of this detailed article, you should understand how long a tattoo removal session might take.

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What goes on during a tattoo removal session at our Toronto Clinic?

To get an idea of how long you may spend getting each tattoo removal session, it is essential to know how each session is carried out. At the Vanish tattoo removal clinic in Toronto, our experts ensure that the customer is only exposed to the laser for the required period. Overexposure can cause burning and may leave marks on the skin.

With that said, here is a glimpse of what happens during a tattoo removal session at our clinic:

Tattoo removal process: Before starting the procedure, our laser technician carefully adjusts the wavelength and other settings of the laser. We also ensure all the tools used in the procedure are sterile to minimize the risk of infection.

Once the technician is sure that the site of the tattoo is clear and ready for laser treatment, the laser is positioned on top of the area that needs to be treated.

Our technician will then start pointing the laser at the tattoo to break down the tattoo ink. You may experience mild discomfort or a tingling sensation during the laser treatment.

Remember that we can only treat a specific skin area per session. So if you have a large tattoo, we will treat one area of the tattoo during each session. A laser tattoo removal session can significantly irritate the skin, so we have to give it 6 to 8 weeks to heal before we can resume the removal process.

Factors that can affect the duration of a tattoo removal session

Now that you know what happens during a tattoo removal session at our Toronto-based clinic, you can better understand the factors that can shorten or prolong a session's duration. Remember that an average tattoo removal session takes between 10 minutes to an hour. That significant difference between the duration of sessions is because of the following factors:

Size of the tattoo: In most cases, the smaller the tattoo is, the shorter the duration of the tattoo removal session will be. So a tiny 2-inch tattoo will only take around 5 to 15 minutes per session, while a larger 6-inch tattoo will take around an hour to remove. The number of sessions you require will also increase with the tattoo's size.

Color of the tattoo: In addition to the size of a tattoo, its color also adds complexity to the removal process. We must use multiple wavelengths to break down different ink colors. So naturally, the session length increases if your tattoo has more than one color.

When multiple wavelengths are needed, the equipment has to be calibrated several times to adjust to the required wavelength. Therefore a tattoo's color can add more minutes to the length of a tattoo removal session.

Location of the tattoo: Tattoos are not limited to arms, legs, or the face. People get tattoos on all body parts, and specific body areas are more pain-sensitive. So naturally, when removing a tattoo from a sensitive location, our technicians must be more mindful of the patient's pain threshold.

Our technician may have to stop the treatment multiple times and restart it to ensure comfort. This delay adds to the duration of the session and may prolong it.

The patient's overall health: Some patients are more sensitive to the heating effect of the laser than others. This means that in some cases, the skin reacts harshly to the laser tattoo removal treatment. Similar to tattoos that are present in sensitive areas, our technicians have to be a lot more careful when dealing with patients with sensitive skin.

If your body has an abnormally aggressive reaction to the laser, we may tone down the laser to minimize the skin's response.

Our trained laser experts are qualified to handle all kinds of laser tattoo removal. In addition, we have successfully removed tattoos from various types of skins without any issues. Even if some tattoo removal procedures take marginally longer than others, our goal is to ensure results while making the customer's experience as painless as possible.

Are laser tattoo removals painful?

As per our customers, tattoo removal is less painful than getting one. However, as mentioned earlier, the process is not entirely painless. You may still experience mild to moderate levels of discomfort. The pain is usually short-lived, and if you follow the aftercare instructions correctly, the discomfort will go away soon after the procedure.


Each tattoo removal procedure has requirements that may affect the session's duration. However, if you get your tattoo removed from a reputed tattoo removal clinic in Toronto, such as us at Vanish Clinic, you can expect a safe and side-effect-free removal.

So, if you plan on getting a tattoo removed in the Toronto region, you are in luck. Vanish Clinic offers a free consultation. Contact us today and schedule an appointment here with Vanish Clinic to discuss your tattoo removal needs.

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