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How Smoking Affects the Tattoo Removal Process

How Smoking Affects the Tattoo Removal Process

If you are starting to regret that infinity sign tattoo you’ve had for years, we won’t blame you if you want to remove it professionally. It’s normal to feel detached from your ink after a while. In fact, studies show that a third to half of the people who get a tattoo end up wanting it gone. Now, laser technology makes it all possible.

What You Need to Know About Laser Removal

Laser tattoo removal is a non-invasive procedure and does not cause any damage to the surrounding tissue. It works by breaking the pigments apart in your dermis for the white blood cells to carry away through your immune system. It requires several sessions, depending on the size, color, and age of a tattoo.

Studies show that the success of a laser removal treatment may depend on a few things, one of which is whether the tattoo is on the skin of a smoker. According to the American Medical Association’s Archives of Dermatology, the standard procedure for removing tattoos can lose its effectiveness depending on certain variables.

Tattoo Removal May Be Less Successful for Smokers

Dermatologists and researchers identified the key characteristics of successful tattoo removal. They found that larger tattoos are harder to remove than smaller ones, and the colors yellow, blue, and green are more resistant to removal than black and red inks.

The study also revealed that smokers showed poorer results compared to non-smokers. Smoking can cause tattoo fading to progress more slowly because it is ‘fighting’ with the body’s immune system. It restricts circulation near the skin’s surface, especially since the body is already working hard combating smoking-related pollutants. Smoking hinders the blood flow between the dermis and epidermis, making the breakdown of pigments more difficult.

Smoking leads to increased tattoo removal sessions

We know that smoking has a negative impact on wound healing because cigarettes contain pathogens that affect the tattoo removal process. Nicotine inhibits veins, causing decreased blood flow, hydrogen cyanide constricts the enzymes needed to transport oxygen and increases the metabolic profile of the body, and carbon monoxide reduces the amount of oxygen red blood cells (RBCs) carry to the skin.

Another study at a laser surgery clinic in Milan, Italy followed 352 tattoo removal clients and discovered that those who smoked increased their chances of having longer laser removal sessions by 70%.

This shows that a major factor in laser treatment recovery is how we treat and take care of our health. Our lifestyle plays a significant role in keeping our immune systems strong, with smoking as one of its downfalls. Drinking plenty of water, getting enough rest, exercising, eating the right foods, and avoiding alcohol and smoking all contribute to the effectiveness of your laser treatment.

Does Smoking Cannabis Also Affect Tattoo Removal?

While cigarettes contain toxins that greatly inhibit wound healing, smoking cannabis can also affect the body’s healing ability. Smoke inhalation can cause tattoo removal to take much longer than expected.

Drinking alcohol also hinders the ability of the liver and kidneys to flush out all the ink particles created during a laser treatment. This is why doctors and technicians recommend that you do not consume alcohol for at least two months to make sure your immune system is strong. You might want to replace those cocktails with water, natural juice, or even some kombucha. They’re much healthier (and delicious!).

About Picosecond Pulse Laser Treatments

The American Medical Association’s Archives of Dermatology also conducted a study on the effectiveness of picosecond alexandrite laser treatments and found that they can remove tattoos with fewer treatments. However, despite it being a more efficient laser treatment, smoking can still deter its faster removal process.

Where to Get Picosecond Tattoo Removal Treatments

At Vanish Clinic in Toronto, we offer quality tattoo removal services using this exact laser technology. The PicoWay laser treatment is one of the most reliable on the market. It’s quick, efficient, and comes with a flat fee pricing that allows you to save more. It’s an offer you won’t find anywhere else.

PicoWay has a fast pulse duration, which operates with picosecond technology. It has more than double the amount of peak power than other Pico competitors on the market, making it a total gamechanger. Additionally, the short pulses mean less heat is going into the body, making it safer and more comfortable.

Book an Appointment With Us

We want you to have the best possible treatment for your tattoo, so we will do what we can to accommodate your needs. Our laser technician and aesthetic nurse will consult with you to formulate an action plan to remove unwanted tattoos, as well as guide you throughout the process to ensure a hassle-free experience. Get in touch with us today to book a free consultation or if you have any questions.

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