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How to get great results from Botox? | As per the best Botox clinic in Toronto

Injecting botox correctly requires extreme care and precision by the treatment expert. By getting your botox treatment done by a reputed clinic such as Vanish Clinic, you can automatically improve the results you can get from the procedure. That said, botox treatment is a team effort, and the patient and the clinic have to do their part to achieve the desired results.

We have been recieving a lot of questions about how one can ensure their Botox lasts as long as possible and produces natural-looking results. At Vanish Clinic, we handle each botox injection patient with the highest level of care. However, there are some care tips that patients can follow to improve the results of your botox injection.

Vanish Clinic has put together some great tips to help you maximize your Botox injection.

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Why does Botox wear off over time?

Before we can understand how you can get the best results and make your botox injection last longer, it is important to know what makes botox temporary. All botox treatments need to be revised after a certain period of time. In general, you may need to get botox reinjected within 3 or 4 months after the first injection.

The reason why the results from botox aren't long-lasting is that botox is a protein, and the body metabolizes it slowly until it is completely processed. Various factors can increase the rate of Botox breakdown by your body. We will explain how you can control these factors in the next section and provide additional tips to maximize the effect of your botox injection.

Tips to get good results from your Botox treatment

Now that you know that botox results aren't permanent and there are situations where you may not get the desired anti-aging effect. With that said, there are some easy to follow ways that will ensure your Botox experience is a positive one. Here are some proven ways to ensure your Botox treatment works as intended:

Choosing a reputed clinic: One of the easiest ways to ensure your botox treatment works perfectly and lasts long is by selecting a decent place to get injections. While the botox injection process may seem simple, things such as using the right quantity and injecting the right muscles require extreme care and precision.

So unless you get your botox treatment done by an expert, you will experience unwanted effects, and the results may not appear as per expectations. At Vanish Clinic you can rest assured that your botox injection is being injected by a professional injector. Our nurse injector uses only the highest quality Botox in the correct quantity to give you clearer wrinkle-free skin.

Avoid high-intensity exercises: Since your body metabolizes Botox over time, someone with a fast metabolism is going to lose their Botox quicker. Since high-intensity exercises can increase your metabolism rate, it is best to perform low to moderate-intensity activities after you get your botox injection.

If you are regularly performing an intense activity that increases your metabolism, you will lose Botox sooner than normal. Exercise is important for maintaining your ideal body weight and overall health, and you shouldn't avoid exercising after getting a Botox injection. But switching to moderate-intensity workouts is definitely going to help you in making your Botox last longer.

The first 24 hours after getting your botox injection are especially important, and therefore, you should avoid strenuous activities altogether for a day after your injection.

Avoid stress: This tip may seem strange to some, but stress can actually cause you to involuntarily utilize facial muscles. When you are under stress, your facial muscles that the Botox has numbed are constantly being stimulated, which can cause the effects of Botox to wear off faster.

So by avoiding stressful situations and performing meditation and other stress-relieving activities, you can maintain a smoother wrinkle-free appearance for longer.

Ensure you stay still during botox treatment: As mentioned earlier, our nurse injector must be extremely careful to inject the right facial muscles to achieve desired appearance goals. So any movements during the injection process can divert the needle toward the wrong muscle, and Botox won't go to the right location.

Now there are situations where the injector will ask you to hold a certain expression, such as a smile, but unless you aren't told to move your facial muscles, it is important to stay as still as possible. Something as simple as keeping your face relaxed and motionless during botox treatment can ensure proper injection. Not to mention you can prevent scaring and other unwanted side effects by keeping still and preventing unnecessary damage to your skin and tissue.

Use a moisturizer: While Botox can smooth out lines and wrinkles, you still need to take care of the skin to supplement the benefits of Botox treatment. Using moisturizers that contain collagen can help keep your skin moisturized and healthy, which enhances your appearance.

So if you don't have a skin moisturizing routine already, it is best to start moisturizing regularly to get the full benefits of a Botox injection.

Avoid direct sunlight: Many people already know that sun can cause fine lines and wrinkles. So it is a no-brainer that if you have recently gotten your Botox injection, you should avoid direct sunlight to prevent wrinkles from returning. Not to mention sun exposure can cause the Botox within your facial muscles to fade quickly due to its inflammatory effects.

Therefore it is best to keep your face safe from prolonged sun exposure if you want to retain the benefits of Botox while making it last longer.


Botox is not a magic cure for aging, but with proper care and by following all the precautions, it can help you get a youthful appearance. However, if you are not careful, the effects of Botox might wear off sooner than expected. If you follow the care instructions provided by our nurse injector and the tips in this article, you will likely get better results.

At Vanish Clinic, we offer the best botox in Toronto and you can contact us or book an appointment here

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