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How to prepare for getting lip fillers in Toronto?

If you have a lip filler appointment, you are probably pretty excited. Lip fillers in Toronto are gaining popularity thanks to their minimally invasive nature. Lip fillers have no worrying side effects if you choose a reputed clinic such as Vanish Clinic for your treatment.

However, even the best lip filler clinic in Toronto will require some preparation and corporation from the patient to ensure the success of the lip enhancement procedure. If you are getting your procedure done by a reputed clinic, they will provide detailed instructions for what to do and avoid before your lip injection.

By being prepared for your lip fillers, you are not only making the injector's job easier but also ensuring the success of your procedure. Preparing for your lip filler treatment doesn't require extraordinary effort. Our trained nurse injector will handle all the complicated aspects of the treatment.

Following simple yet important instructions can make your lip filler treatment much easier. Keep reading to learn more about better preparation for a lip filler treatment. No special efforts are involved in preparing for your lip enhancement treatment, so anyone can do it with little guidance.

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Preparing for your lip fillers in Toronto

Vanish Clinic has a set of instructions that we give to every customer that comes to us for lip fillers at our Toronto Clinic. Here are some of the most important pre-treatment instructions that can make sure you get optimal results:

Discuss your goals with the injector: At Vanish Clinic, we always encourage our customers to discuss their lip filler injection goals with us before the procedure. Everyone has specific goals in their mind that they want to achieve from lip injections. Someone might have a smaller upper lip and want to even both lips out. Others might want to enhance both lips simultaneously or add volume to them.

Regardless of your treatment goals, sharing them with our lip fillers experts at Vanish Clinic is best. Once our team knows what you want, they can plan for no last-minute delays.

Numbing cream or Lidocaine fillers: Vanish Clinic uses specialized lip fillers with lidocaine, an anesthetic agent. What it does is that it is injected into the lips along with the filler material and reduces the sensation of pain. However, some patients may not be sensitive to lidocaine anesthetic. Which means they might still feel pain even if the filler contains lidocaine.

So it is best to inform the injector about your lidocaine sensitivity, and if you aren't sensitive to it, we can use numbing cream instead. Numbing creams, as the name suggests, are applied externally to the skin of your lips. This cream will temporarily numb the injection site, and you won't feel much pain.

It is essential to inform the nurse injector regarding your preference for the type of anesthetic to use beforehand.

Avoid irritating the treatment site before injections: Another often overlooked aspect of pre-lip injection care is to ensure you aren't irritating the treatment site before the injections. Swelling or irritation at the site when our nurse injector is about to perform the procedure can result in unwanted results.

Therefore you mustn't perform any tweezing, waxing, or chemical peels for at least two days before your lip injection appointment. Doing this will ensure that your lips aren't tender or swollen, and you will get a trouble-free lip filler experience.

Hold off on vitamin supplements: Apart from certain medications, you will have to stop taking vitamin supplements before your lip filler treatment. Depending upon the amount of supplements you use, it is best to avoid vitamin supplements for at least a few days before the treatment.

Vitamin supplements are known to increase the risk of bleeding, which is normally not a concern. So if you are taking certain supplements, it can add unnecessary complexity to the lip filler treatment. Therefore unless supplements are essential, you may have to hold off on taking them before your lip injections.

Avoid alcohol before the treatment: Another important thing you should do to prepare for a lip filler treatment is to stop taking alcohol in any form 1 day before your lip injections. Plenty of research has found that alcohol can cause your blood to thin.

Since lip injections involve needles going into your soft tissue, if your blood is thin, it can cause bruising. Not to mention alcohol can impact your body's ability to heal properly, which means the swelling may remain longer than usual. So if your lip fillers treatment is scheduled in the coming days, you should ensure you don't consume alcohol at least a day before your appointment.

Lip fillers are reversible

Lip fillers are 100% safe and reversible if you get them from a reputed clinic. When performed correctly, you will only need reinjection once your fillers lose their volume. However, if you want to return to your old look, lip fillers can be dissolved, and you can get your natural lips back.

A specialized enzyme is injected into your lip filler that dissolves the filler material and returns them to normal size. Reversing your lip fillers can also be done if you don't like the results or have certain issues with the fillers, which is rare.

So if you were wondering if the lip filler treatment will be permanent, rest assured that it is completely reversible. And if you take the necessary precautions and choose the right clinic, you will get the results you sought in the first treatment.


Lip fillers in Toronto and around the world have become extremely safe thanks to new lip filler materials and safer injection techniques. Not to mention lidocaine fillers have made the treatment almost pain-free. However, there are some precautions that the patient has to take before their lip injection appointment.

This article covers all the pre-lip filler care tips you need to get ready for your lip enhancement session. However, if you still have any questions regarding lip fillers, you can always get in touch with us to learn more about the procedure. If you are ready to go ahead, you can book an appointment here

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