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Is it possible to get laser tattoo removal in Toronto without scaring?

Updated: Mar 13

Laser tattoo removal in Toronto is quickly replacing surgical tattoo removal methods thanks to its safety and reliability

The success rate of laser tattoo removal is high, and the procedure is affordable, making it a better option for most individuals. Laser technology used by us at Vanish Clinic is purpose-built for cosmetic treatments. This is why the results patients get from laser tattoo removal are as if the tattoo simply vanished from their skin.

With that said, one common concern customers have before getting laser tattoo removal is regarding scaring of the treatment site. Since laser treatment involves heat application to the skin, most people are worried about developing scars due to the procedure.

If you are wondering if getting your tattoo removed via laser treatment without scaring is possible, then the short answer is yes! For a more detailed explanation, please keep reading until the end. Because this article will explain in detail how you can get laser tattoo removal without scarring.

laser tattoo removal toronto

How serious is the risk of scarring after laser tattoo removal?

As mentioned in the previous section, you can get laser tattoo removal in Toronto without developing scarring. However, in some rare cases, the patient's skin may scar due to an underlying condition called Keloids, making them more prone to scaring.

However, if you are healthy without a history of keloids and follow the aftercare instructions, the risk of scaring decreases significantly. As per research, only 18.8-25% of people who get laser tattoo removal develop scarring.

What causes scarring after laser tattoo removal?

The researchers believe that the laser's intensity also played an essential role in causing scaring. So as long as you are getting your tattoo removal done by a reputed clinic, you can eliminate the risk of overexposure to the laser beam.

At Vanish Clinic, our experienced laser technician performs all laser tattoo removals. We only use the required amount of laser intensity to ensure that the risk of scaring is as low as possible.

Aside from excessive laser exposure, the scars concealed under the tattoo may become visible after the removal. So in most cases, the scars were already present from the actual tattooing process and only become noticeable once the skin is cleared. Therefore it is essential to develop realistic expectations regarding laser tattoo removal and understand that tattoo removal can't fix scars that were present at the site before the procedure.

Another often overlooked reason for scaring after tattoo removal is not following the aftercare instructions properly. Your skin will need special care to heal properly after each session. If an individual is not following the aftercare instructions, the skin may not heal properly, and the risk of scaring increases significantly.

Lastly, if your technician is trying to wrap up the tattoo removal process in fewer sessions, it also increases your risk of developing scarring. You need to give your skin at least 6 to 8 weeks to heal between sessions to ensure the scar tissue doesn't form. However, if a tattoo removal technician tries to perform successive sessions without allowing the skin to heal, you are almost certain to develop scar tissue.

This is why choosing a reputed laser tattoo removal clinic in Toronto, such as Vanish Clinic, is essential. Choosing the right clinic for your procedure is the most critical step to eliminating your scarring risk. There are other ways to ensure your skin doesn't develop scarring; we will explain them in the next section.

How to make sure you don't get scarring after laser tattoo removal?

As mentioned earlier, some individuals are more prone to scaring than others. So preventing scares in such individuals may be difficult. However, there are ways to manage and even avoid scarring for a healthy individual. Without further ado, here are some steps you can take to ensure you don't get scars after laser tattoo removal:

Avoiding touching or scratching the tattoo removal site: Something as simple as not touching the area of the skin where the treatment has been performed can prevent scarring. When you touch or scratch a healing wound, it gets irritated, and the healing process is interrupted, increasing the risk of scars.

This is why we always advise our customers to avoid picking at the wound as much as possible.

Apply sunscreen:

UV rays can also hinder the proper healing of your skin; therefore, applying sunscreen over the treatment site is essential to keep UV light away. Excess exposure to sunlight can also cause hyperpigmentation resulting in uneven skin tone.

At Vanish Clinic, we recommend mild sunscreen to all our patients, and we also provide instructions on how to apply the cream without disturbing the healing skin.

Keep your body hydrated:

Healing and hydration are closely related, and you can ensure your skin doesn't develop scarring by simply drinking enough water. When you are hydrated, your blood can flow adequately, bringing nutrients and white blood cells to the healing skin.

So by ensuring you are not dehydrated, you can give your immune system a much-needed boost.

Avoid smoking and alcohol:

By now, you would have probably guessed that proper wound healing can prevent scaring. However, smoking cigarettes and drinking alcohol can weaken your immune system and hinder recovery.

It is best to avoid smoking cigarettes or drinking alcohol until your tattoo removal process is complete to keep your skin scar free.

In addition to these aftercare tips, we encourage our customers to communicate with us during the healing process. If you experience any side effects, please inform us directly so we can take steps to help manage them.


Laser tattoo removal is a relatively safe procedure compared to alternatives. However, just like any other procedure, there is always a risk of complications when getting laser tattoo removal done. Now that you know the risk factors for scaring and how to prevent it, you are much more ready for your treatment.

At Vanish Clinic, we offer free consultations to individuals wanting to remove their tattoos. So, you can book an appointment here to discuss your goals and expectations.

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