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What advantages does laser tattoo removal in Toronto has to offer?

Updated: Mar 13

Did you know that your body's immune system constantly tries to remove the ink from your tattoo? However, the size of ink particles and their nature makes it difficult for your body to remove them altogether. That is where our laser tattoo removal services in Toronto come in. Vanish Clinic can use our high-tech laser system to break down the tattoo ink into smaller particles so they can be removed by your white blood cells.

Laser tattoo removal Toronto

Laser tattoo removal is not the only way to eliminate unwanted tattoos in Toronto. You can also get a tattoo surgically removed or go with the dermabrasion procedure instead. However, laser tattoo removal offers many benefits over highly invasive surgical and dermabrasion procedures.

So, if you are choosing between the various tattoo removal methods and want to know why laser tattoo removal is the best option, keep reading. This article will explain the key benefits of laser tattoo removal, and by the end, you will know why this removal method beats the alternative methods.

What makes laser tattoo removal in Toronto stand out from other procedures?

Before we can fully understand the benefits of laser tattoo removal, it is essential to know what makes this procedure unique compared to other tattoo removal methods. The most significant difference between laser tattoo removal and surgical alternatives is that there are no incisions or cuts involved in laser tattoo removal.

The procedure is designed to assist in the breakdown of your tattoo's ink so that your body can naturally remove the ink from the tattoo site. At Vanish Clinic, we use a PicoWay laser system that pulsates within the 300-450 picoseconds range, which means your skin is not exposed to the laser long enough to cause heat damage.

As a result, you can get your tattoo removed using laser tattoo removal without the risks that come with surgical tattoo removal.

Advantages of choosing laser tattoo removal in Toronto

Now that you know what makes laser tattoo removal unique, you can better understand its benefits. Without further ado, here is the advantages laser tattoo removal in Toronto has to offer:

It's the more natural alternative: One significant advantage of laser tattoo removal is that it gets rid of the tattoo with the help of our body's immune system. So when compared with other tattoo removal options, laser tattoo removal is the most natural way to get rid of a tattoo.

Your body is not exposed to harmful chemicals, surgical tools, or even anesthetics. As mentioned, the laser breaks down the ink within your skin layers, and your immune system does the rest of the work. People with a weak immune system or an underlying disease may require more time to break down the tattoo.

So it is best to discuss your overall health with our laser technician to determine the best time to get your tattoo removed.

Lets you make corrections to your tattoo: Another significant benefit of laser tattoo removal is that you can remove a portion of the tattoo without affecting the entire art. So if your tattoo had some mistake or you simply want to modify your tattoo, you can get the mistake removed through this method.

Once we have completely removed your tattoo using the PicoWay laser, you can consult your tattoo artist to make the changes you want. With that said, we recommend allowing the removal site to heal properly before getting it tattooed again.

While tattoo removal doesn't involve incisions, it requires a healing period before getting a tattoo in the same spot.

It's a safer option: Safety should be your first concern when picking a tattoo removal procedure. As long as a trained professional remove your laser tattoo, your risk of side effects is negligible. At Vanish Clinic, we have a high success rate for laser tattoo removal procedures. We factor in things like the patient's health, required laser intensity, healing period, and the location of the tattoo to minimize the risk of complications.

On the other hand, surgical tattoo removal methods pose more risk because there is a wound as the tattooed skin is physically removed from the body. This leaves your body prone to infection and irritation, and the skin may develop scars and discoloration after surgical tattoo removal.

All these risks can be instantly eliminated if you choose laser tattoo removal. Surgical tattoo removal is a much more complex procedure with unpredictable results. Therefore it's best to choose laser tattoo removal to ensure that the removal process doesn't negatively impact your health.

It can remove the tattoo completely in most cases: Lastly, the most significant benefit of laser tattoo removal is that it can make the tattoo disappear completely in most cases. Our website's before and after laser tattoo removal results clearly show that the tattoos vanished at the end of the process. It is hard to tell if the tattoo was even there in the first place if an expert technician does your tattoo removal.

You can see the visible fading of the tattoo after each session until it disappears completely in most cases. Complete tattoo removal usually takes between 10 - 14 sessions for most people. However, we may have to perform up to 15 treatment sessions for certain stubborn tattoos to achieve the desired results.

Scaring and discoloration are significant concerns for individuals wanting to remove their tattoos. Our latest laser technology has built-in protection against overexposure. We use only the required laser wavelengths to ensure your skin is not at risk of scarring or discoloration.


Laser tattoo removal is one of many options in Toronto for someone who wants to remove their tattoos. However, laser removal is the safest and most effective way to remove a tattoo with minimal risk of side effects. So it goes without saying that you can't go wrong by picking laser tattoo removal over the alternative procedures.

This article helped you understand the benefits of laser tattoo removal. Our experts can always assist you if you have any other questions regarding laser tattoo removal. Schedule a consultation and sit down with our laser technician to get all the help you need regarding laser tattoo removal.

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