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What are the benefits of choosing PicoWay tattoo removal?

Updated: Feb 21, 2023

Once you choose to get a tattoo removed, you have to make another crucial choice regarding the type of removal you want. You can use traditional laser systems or choose the more advanced PicoWay tattoo removal. If you have been researching tattoo removal, you might have heard about PicoWay.

In its essence, PicoWay is one of the fastest laser systems in the world, far surpassing traditional laser tattoo removal techniques. With PicoWay, you can experience quick results without any side effects associated with traditional laser systems.

There are many benefits associated with PicoWay tattoo removal; this article will explain them all, so read on.

Benefits of PicoWay Laser Tattoo Removal

Benefits of the PicoWay laser tattoo removal system

Laser technology has been steadily improving, and PicoWay is one of the best tattoo removal systems available. Being a cutting-edge laser system, PicoWay is the only laser system we use at Vanish Clinic for laser tattoo removal procedures.

Without further ado, here are all the key benefits of choosing PicoWay tattoo removal:

Removes tattoos from all skin types:

The key issue associated with traditional lasers is that they can only remove tattoos from fair skin. However, PicoWay can remove black ink from skin types 5 and 6.

The limitations of traditional lasers prevented individuals with darker skin colours from getting complete tattoo removal. However, with the new and improved PicoWay laser system, everyone can get their tattoos removed regardless of their skin type.

PicoWay comes with not one but three separate wavelengths that make it possible to remove tattoos from a wider range of skin types. So if you are unsure which laser tattoo removal would be effective for your skin, PicoWay is the way to go.

Strong enough to remove the toughest tattoos:

Professional tattoos tend to be the most stubborn ones because they are meant to last a lifetime. A deep tattoo with high-quality ink will need a precise laser system to reach and break down the ink embedded deep in your skin.

PicoWay laser possesses the strength and agility to target tattoo ink in deeper skin layers. Traditional laser systems lack the strength and precision required to remove tough tattoos. Its strength is why we recommend PicoWay for removing professionally administered tattoos.

PicoWay laser system requires fewer sessions:

Tattoo removal is a multi-step process regardless of the type of laser used. However, PicoWay laser treatment tends to remove tattoos in fewer sessions, making it a much quicker alternative.

Most tattoo removal clinics charge for their services on a package basis. Therefore, PicoWay tattoo removal comes at a lower cost.

So if you need to remove your tattoo without spending much money, PicoWay is the ideal option. At $200 per session, Vanish Clinic offers one of the cheapest tattoo removals in Toronto. Combine that with fewer sessions, and you can get a more affordable tattoo removal at Vanish Clinic.

PicoWay tattoo removal reduces the risk of scaring:

Tattoo removal is painful; most people avoid it because of the pain involved. While PicoWay laser treatment is not painless, it carries a lower risk of scaring.

The PicoWay laser system has a powerful but short pulse, which means it doesn't stay in contact with the skin with minicamps t of scarring. As a result, patients can experience complete tattoo removal minus the scars.

On the other hand, traditional lasers have a photothermal approach known to burn the skin and leave marks. So, PicoWay is a far less painful and safer way to get rid of unwanted tattoos.

Can remove all spectrum of tattoo ink:

Coloured tattoos are often the most difficult to remove for traditional lasers because they lack multiple wavelengths. On the other hand, PicoWay operates at multiple wavelengths that can target different colours in a tattoo. So while a coloured tattoo may take longer to fade, it can be removed using PicoWay technology.

At Vanish Clinic, we successfully remove coloured tattoos using PicoWay. If you have a coloured tattoo that requires removal, then choosing PicoWay tattoo removal can help you achieve your goals.


Now that you know the benefits of PicoWay tattoo removal, you should choose a clinic with an experienced laser technician. At Vanish Clinic, our expert laser technician is equipped with the latest PicoWay laser technology.

So if you want to ensure your tattoo removal is performed by an expert and the latest PicoWay technology, then book an appointment with us now.

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