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What are the most common Medical Aesthetic procedures people get in Toronto?

Updated: Mar 13

Medical aesthetic procedures aesthetic procedures allow individuals to fix and improve their appearance. Facial mare gaining popularity around the globe, and Canada is no exception. These edical aesthetic procedures are safe and easy to get. These treatments are surprisingly affordable, which is another region for their popularity in Canada.

A medical aesthetic clinic like us at Vanish Clinic is the best place to perform an aesthetic procedure.

We have specialized equipment to perform these procedures, and our staff and technicians are trained to administer aesthetic treatments. While customers come to us for a wide range of corrective and enhancement techniques, some treatments are more commonly requested.

So, if you are wondering what the most common medical aesthetic procedures are in Toronto, then keep reading. We will list down all the most common corrective and enhancement treatments you can get in Toronto.

Common medical aesthetic treatments in Toronto

People tend to avoid full fledge surgical aesthetic treatments because of their invasive nature. So it shouldn't surprise that most individuals choose to get non-invasive or minimally invasive aesthetic treatments. Some of the most common non-invasive medical aesthetic procedures in Toronto are as follows:

Botox injections:

Wrinkles and fine lines are among the most common aging-related symptoms many women face. While many topical treatments claim to resolve wrinkles and fine lines, botox remains the most reliable non-invasive way to get rid of fine lines and wrinkles.

As the name suggests, Botox injections are injected into the facial muscles to paralyze them. Once these facial muscles are paralyzed, they don't move to produce the appearance of wrinkles. Botox is a neurotoxin injected in carefully measured doses to achieve the desired aesthetic results.

Since wrinkles affect everyone at some point in life, it is no surprise that botox injections are one of Toronto's most common aesthetic procedures. It is also non-invasive, and you can get a botox injection without downtime. You can get a botox injection and get on with your life with your improved appearance.

At Vanish Clinic, our qualified nurse injector administers all the botox injections while following all the guidelines. The best part about botox is that it is affordable, especially when you get it at Vanish Clinic, which is another ready why it is so common in Toronto.

Dermal fillers:

If you want to get smoother skin or more plump lips or cheeks, then you don't necessarily need to go with surgery. Dermal fillers make it possible to add volume to your facial features and smooth out the skin. The ease and safety of dermal fillers make them one of Toronto's most common medical aesthetic treatments.

Being a non-invasive procedure, you can get dermal fillers by simply scheduling an appointment (after a consultation). However, there is a short downtime associated with dermal fillers. With that said, the results achieved by dermal fillers can completely transform an individual's appearance. You can add volume to your lips, even out facial skin, sculpt the jawline and chin, treat acne scars, and more.

Dermal fillers are also called soft tissue fillers because they are injected into tissues below the skin. An injection is used to inject fillers into the soft tissue, and the filling material is specially designed for the intended purpose. Vanish Clinic uses high-quality dermal fillers and the correct technique to ensure you get the best results from your filling procedure.

Laser tattoo removal:

Tattoos are a form of expression for many people. However, there are cases where a tattoo may no longer be wanted by the individual later in life. Getting a tattoo removed used to be complicated in the past, but with the help of modern laser systems such as PicoWay, tattoo removal has become much more efficient.

Since tattoos are so common, tattoo removal is unsurprisingly a standard medical aesthetic procedure here in Canada. PicoWay laser can remove small single-colored tattoos from larger multi-colored ones. With that said, you may need multiple treatments from Vanish Clinic to remove a tattoo altogether. So, the procedure may be spanned over a more extended period. However, laser tattoo removal is safe and has produced solid results.

At Vanish Clinic, we have the latest PicoWay laser system and a trained laser technician handling all laser tattoo removals. So if you have a tattoo you don't want to keep anymore, it is possible to remove it. And it is affordable and accessible to everyone in Toronto, which is why tattoo removals have become so common in the past few years.


Permanent makeup has become reasonably popular in Canada. Microblading is a popular form of permanent makeup and is one of the most common medical aesthetic procedures. This procedure involves adding pigmentation or tattooing the eyebrow region to make them appear thicker and add shape to them.

A unique tool is used to perform this aesthetic procedure, and you need to get it done by a cosmetic makeup expert to achieve the correct result. Our experienced cosmetic makeup expert performs all the Microblading procedures at Vanish Clinic. If performed by an expert, Microblading can produce seamless results that greatly enhance your overall appearance.

Once you get Microblading, you don't have to worry about regularly adding makeup to your eyebrows. On top of that, this procedure is also minimally invasive, with little to no downtime, so if you are planning on getting Microblading done, look no further than Vanish Clinic.


So there you have it the aesthetic procedures listed in this article are some of the most common ones in Canada. While you can get these procedures anywhere in Canada, choosing the right Clinic can significantly impact your overall experience and outcome. So book a free consultation with Vanish Clinic to discuss your goals and expectations about a cosmetic procedure.

At Vanish Clinic, we strive to provide the best quality services at affordable prices. You will get a detailed consultation on the aesthetic procedure you want to get before the appointment.

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