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What is the expected cost of tattoo removal in Toronto?

Updated: Mar 13

Tattoo removal is a gradual process that requires multiple sessions to achieve results. Before starting your multi-session tattoo removal process, it is important to understand its cost. Tattoo removal cost in Toronto varies from clinic to clinic. Not to mention, many spas and plastic surgeons offer Tattoo removal services, making it difficult to pinpoint how much you might end up paying for it.

Depending on who you consult, you can expect to pay anywhere between $200 to $1500 per tattoo removal session in Toronto. At Vanish Clinic, we charge a flat fee of $200 per tattoo removal session. Despite our affordable price, we use the latest PicoWay laser systems and have trained experts to perform each tattoo removal.

That said, estimating the full cost of tattoo removal isn't easy, as many factors affect the overall fee.

And we will explain all those factors to help you understand how much you might have to pay for your tattoo removal. Suppose you want your tattoo removed in or around the Toronto area. In that case, this article will prove very helpful for you.

cost of tattoo removal
cost of tattoo removal

Factors that may affect the cost of Tattoo removal in Toronto

Keep in mind that each tattoo is different, and therefore the cost of the treatment can vary on a case-to-case basis. With that said, some related factors affect the cost of your Tattoo removal in Toronto:

The number of sessions:

As mentioned earlier, most tattoo removal clinics, including ours, charge patients per session. Most tattoos take up to 10-12 sessions to show results.

Our technician can give you an idea of how many sessions your tattoo removal process might take during the pre-treatment consultation.

Size of the tattoo:

It is obvious that the size of the tattoo is going to impact the removal fee directly. At Vanish Clinic, we can treat a 6” x 6” skin area during each treatment session. So, if you have a large tattoo on your back, leg, or torso area, it will need more sessions and time to remove.

At Vanish Clinic, we specialize in removing tattoos of all shapes and sizes. We have tattoo removal before and after videos on our website, where our experts successfully treat tattoos of all sizes.

Skin tone:

Your skin tone has a key role in how long it takes to remove your tattoos. Laser technology can easily detect tattoos on a lighter skin tone. However, the laser system does not easily distinguish tattoos on a darker skin tone.

So, as a result, your skin tone may affect the time and effort required to remove your tattoos. Therefore, someone with darker skin might pay more for tattoo removal.

Colour of your tattoos:

Tattoos with just one colour are generally the easiest to remove and therefore cost less. Black-coloured tattoos are some of the easiest to remove and therefore require fewer sessions than multi-coloured ones.

So if your tattoo has multiple colours, you will pay more than someone with a simple black ink tattoo. The difference in cost comes from the fact that laser technology has to use different wavelengths to remove each ink colour in your tattoo. That is why our experts take their time evaluating each tattoo's colour to estimate how many sessions it might take to remove it.

Location of the tattoo:

The location of your tattoo on your body is another key factor in determining how much you might have to pay for its removal. The tattoos on the parts of your body that get good blood circulation are easier to remove. That is because higher blood flow dissolves and removes ink from tattoos quickly, resulting in faster results.

Once our laser system breaks down the ink at the site of your tattoo, it is up to your body to flush out the ink. So if you have a tattoo closer to your heart, such as in the chest area, you will see results in fewer sessions, and the cost will also be lower.

Age of your tattoo:

Another key factor that may determine how many sessions will be needed to remove it is the age of the tattoo. As your tattoo gets older, it is exposed to sunlight, and your body absorbs some of the ink, making it less visible. So, an older faded tattoo will be removed in fewer sessions and won’t cost as much as a fresh one.

With that said, if your tattoo contains high-quality ink, it might not fade with time, so it is best to get your tattoo evaluated by our experts to understand its removal cost accurately.

Strength of your immune system:

Now, the final and often the most important factor that can affect how long your tattoo removal takes and, ultimately, its cost is your health. A patient with a strong immune system will see results faster and therefore have to attend fewer sessions. On the other hand, someone with a weak immune system might need more sessions and have to pay a higher fee.

Since your white blood cells are responsible for removing the ink, once your laser system breaks, it boils down to how effective your immune system is at its job. A healthy individual can get their tattoo removed at a lower cost.


Tattoo removal in Toronto or anywhere in Canada is an expensive procedure. The factors discussed above can increase or decrease the cost of tattoo removal. The laser tattoo removal before and after results take months to show. Each session has a space of 6 to 8 weeks in between. So, you won’t have to pay the complete tattoo removal fee at once, making it easier to manage your finances

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