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What steps are involved in laser tattoo removal at a reputed Toronto clinic?

There is nothing more liberating than being able to get rid of an unwanted tattoo. However, no one likes to go into a laser tattoo removal session completely clueless about what to expect. Laser tattoo removal is common in Toronto; however, many are still unsure what this procedure involves.

Of course, there is going to be a laser involved, but that is all most people know about laser tattoo removal. For someone planning to get their tattoo removed through a laser, knowing what the procedure involves can be helpful. By learning more about the steps involved in laser tattoo removal, the patients can establish realistic expectations about the procedure.

Vanish Clinic uses the latest PicoWay laser technology to perform all our laser tattoo removals. While some tattoo removals may require extra steps, most laser tattoo removal procedures are similar. If you are curious about what happens during a laser tattoo removal session, keep reading. This article will explain the steps in a laser tattoo removal session at our Toronto clinic

How does the PicoWay laser break down the ink?

PicoWay is extremely effective at breaking down the ink in your skin, which is then dissolved by the body. To fully understand what happens during a laser tattoo removal, you must first understand how the laser breaks down the ink.

The picoWay laser system's unique characteristic is its ultra-short pulsating ability. What this laser does is that it pulsates rapidly to deliver rapid bursts of energy that target the ink particles directly. The heating action of the PicoWay is minimal because it doesn't constantly contact the skin. This means that, unlike regular lasers, the PicoWay laser system doesn't produce as much heat.

The effectiveness and safety of the PicoWay laser system are the two major reasons why Vanish Clinic relies on this technology for all our laser tattoo removals. The mild heating effect of PicoWay means no prolonged downtimes are involved with this type of laser. The skin heals faster, so you can prepare for the next session faster.

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What are the steps involved in laser tattoo removal?

Now that you know how PicoWay laser breaks down ink particles absorbed by the body, it is time to get to the actual question. What are the steps that we at Vanish Clinic use to remove tattoos? As mentioned earlier, our exact method for removing a tattoo may vary slightly depending on the circumstances. With that said, here are the steps we use to perform a typical laser tattoo removal:

The patient is given protective gear: Our laser technician at Vanish Clinic ensures that the patient wears protective gear before the session. This gear includes a specialized eye shield to protect your eyes from exposure to laser beams.

In addition to the patient, our technician also wears specialized glasses to ensure the patient and the staff remain safe.

Cleaning the skin: When the patient is secure, our patient officially begins the laser tattoo removal process by cleansing the skin. This involves removing any dirt or debris from the tattoo site. We may also shave off hair if necessary to ensure they aren't in the way of the laser beam.

In some cases, we may apply topical anesthetic to the treatment area. Topical anesthetics can drastically reduce most patients' discomfort when going for laser tattoo removals.

Testing your skin sensitivity: Once the patient is secure, our technician will briefly expose some of your skin to the laser to test how your skin reacts. This step aims to check how much laser beam intensity you can handle without developing unwanted side effects.

This step is used by most laser tattoo removal clinics in Toronto to ensure the safety of the patients. Our technician may adjust the laser equipment to ensure optimal settings for your tattoo's ink color.

Treating the tattoo site with PicoWay laser: Our technician will pass the laser pulses over the tattoo site after the equipment has been set up. The energy from laser pulses will start breaking down the ink in the skin layers.

Healing time between sessions: Laser tattoo removal can't be completed with a single session. The laser can't break down all ink particles in a single go. However, your skin will be sensitive after the first removal session because of exposure to the PicoWay laser.

Despite being a safe laser system, PicoWay will still leave your skin sore after the treatment. So you will have to give the skin ample time to heal after the first session before your skin is ready for more sessions. The healing period is an important step of the laser tattoo removal process, and it can last anywhere between 4 to 6 weeks in between sessions.

Follow-up sessions: Since laser tattoo removal is a multi-session process, you will require multiple follow-up sessions to remove the tattoo completely. You may need up to 10 follow-up sessions to remove the tattoo completely.

So, it is important to understand that each session is followed by a healing period. You can ultimately achieve the desired results by giving your skin ample time to heal in between sessions and not rushing the tattoo removal process. You can also prevent scarring by letting your skin heal fully before going in for the next session.

Importance of choosing a reputable laser tattoo removal clinic in Toronto

Now that you know the steps involved in a typical laser tattoo removal, it is easy to understand that it's a lengthy process. Therefore, it is essential to choose a reputed laser tattoo removal Clinic in Toronto to ensure the success of your treatment.

Vanish Clinic treats each laser tattoo removal patient with attention and care to ensure their treatment goes smoothly. An inexperienced technician may not follow the steps for laser tattoo removal resulting in undesirable results. Therefore, it is best to choose only the top laser tattoo removal clinic in Toronto for your tattoo removal.


Now that you know the steps in a complete laser tattoo removal, you can better prepare yourself for the procedure. Not to mention being aware of what to expect during the lengthy procedure, you can also choose a reputed clinic.

If you still have questions regarding the various phases of laser tattoo removal, feel free to contact us or schedule an appointment here..

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