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Why is microblading so popular? As per micro blading Toronto experts

Updated: Jun 21, 2023

If you are tired of doing your eyebrows and want a longer-lasting solution, then microblading is the procedure for you. This procedure has exploded in popularity in recent years, and microblading in Toronto is one of the most common cosmetic procedures.

Microblading is minimally invasive, and it can be done without long healing times and special care requirements. Unlike eyebrow tattoos, microblading offers much more detail since each stroke is made by hand. As a result, you get more realistic-looking semi-permanent eyebrows that enhance your appearance.

At Vanish Clinic, we regularly perform microblading procedures, and the demand for this treatment has increased in recent years. A lot of people ask what is behind the high demand for this procedure in Toronto. Been thinking about the same thing?

Keep reading! As this article will explain what makes microblading so popular.

microblading toronto

What exactly is and why should I get microblading in Toronto?

As mentioned earlier, microblading is a semi-permanent makeup technique in Toronto. This procedure can be used to uplift the shape of the eyebrows and to modify their color. Not to mention you can simply use this procedure to make your eyebrows look more fuller.

There are no machines involved in microblading; instead, our Vanish Clinic technician uses a microblade tool and color pigment to create the illusion of eyebrows. Once you have your micro-bladed eyebrows, you can forget about thin or uneven eyebrows. The procedure produces realistic results, and it is difficult to spot whether someone has micro blading done to their eyebrows or not.

The procedure can take around 2 to 3 hours because, as mentioned earlier, each stroke of the microblade tool is made by hand. More importantly, microblading is very low risk which means the side effects from this procedure are rare.

When you get your microblading done by Vanish Clinic, your procedure is handled by experts using disinfected tools. Not to mention we maintain a clean environment at our clinic to minimize the risk of infections.

Reasons for the popularity of microblading Toronto

Now that you know about microblading, you can better understand the reasons for its popularity. Here are some key reasons that make microblading so popular in Toronto:

It creates natural-looking eyebrows: Since the artist's hand draws every single strand of eyebrows, they create the most realistic looking semi-permanent eyebrows. Our experts carefully analyze your eyebrows and find out about the patient's expectations prior to the procedure.

As a result, the eyebrows look flawless, and since they are not permanent, you can always get them redone to maintain a natural look.

No prolonged downtime: One major concern people have when getting any cosmetic procedure is downtime. In today's highly competitive world, no one wants to spend several days recovering from a cosmetic procedure. When it comes to microblading, however, there is no downtime. You can see instant results.

With that said, the color will need a few weeks to settle into your skin, and therefore, you may see your eyebrows in their full glory a few weeks after the procedure.

Saves time: Another major reason for the popularity of microblading in Toronto is the time savings that come with this procedure. You won't have to spend several minutes adjusting your eyebrows daily once you get them microblade.

They stay picture-perfect without any maintenance, so you can free up time for family and other important tasks.

No risks: Most women avoid getting cosmetic procedures because of the fear of complications that may appear as a result. However, as far as microblading is concerned, the risks associated with microblading are almost negligible. As long as you go to a reputed clinic to get your microblading done, you can rest assured that you won't experience complications.

The procedure is quick and simple: Unlike eyebrow tattooing, microblading can be done quickly. The first session might take more than 2 hours because the technician has to draw each individual strand one by one. However, the follow-up procedures don't take as long and can be completed in one or one and a half hours.

So you don't have to reschedule anything to make room for microblading, as it can be done quickly without taking much of your time.

Microblading saves you money in the long run: While you have to pay an upfront cost to get microblading done for your eyebrows. However, once you consider the money you will save by not having to buy eyebrow fillers, brushes, powders, and pencils for your eyebrows, you realize that it is a solid investment.

Besides, even the best eyebrow fillers can't get you the realistic and filler-looking eyebrows that you get from microblading. Since microblading can last for up to 2 years and a single microblading session at Vanish Clinic is $300, you can save two years' worth of eyebrow products by getting microblading done.

Boosts confidence: While there are eyebrow fillers available in the market for someone with thinning hair, they can get wiped away by sweat and moisture. As a result, you can't wear the eyebrow products with confidence since you're always worried about accidentally whipping them off.

Microblading, on the other hand, remains unaffected by sweat and unintentional whipping, giving you the confidence to live your life to the fullest. You can go swimming, wash your face, or wear a face mask without worrying about losing your eyebrow fillings once you had them microbladed.


Microblading is, without a doubt, a revolutionary procedure for anyone with thinning or uneven eyebrows. With the advancements in microblading technology, the procedure is only expected to grow safer and more effective in the future.

So if you were wondering why microblading has become so popular recently, this article should provide you with all your answers.

If you have been planning on getting microblading done in Toronto or surrounding regions but weren't sure where to get it, then you're in luck. Vanish Clinic offers free consultations, so you can book yours today and discuss whether microblading is a good procedure for you with our experts.

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